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Addison Schacht investigates the murder of his friend Kevin, with the help of Phoebe, and they discover the truth is darker than they ever imagined.

Title:November Criminals
Release Date:2017-12-08
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Black Bicycle Entertainment Lotus Entertainment
Genres:Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller,
Casts:Ansel Elgort, Chloë Grace Moretz, Catherine Keener, David Strathairn, Tessa Albertson, Danny Flaherty, Terry Kinney, Cory Hardrict, Victor Williams, Jared Kemp, Philip Ettinger, Adrian M. Mompoint, Jimi Stanton, Pamela Lambert, Brianne Siddall, Allie Marshall, Leah Procito, London Hall, David Boston, Mickey Gilmore, Karina Deyko, Dora Winifred, K.C. Faldasz, Tanja Melendez Lynch, Richard Pacheco, Joseph Oliveira, Noel Ramos, Hashim Lafond, Bruce-Robert Serafin, Gianni Paolo, Michael Christoforo, Cassidy Neal, Elaine Victoria Grey, Lino Tanaka, Eddie Resendes, Paul Taft, Jed Griswold,
Plot Keywords:based on novel or book, high school, murder, teenager, drugs, death of mother, washington,
Alternative Titles:
Criminosos de Novembro