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A British spy ship has sunk and on board was a hi-tech encryption device. James Bond is sent to find the device that holds British launching instructions before the enemy Soviets get to it first.

Title:For Your Eyes Only
Release Date:1981-06-23
Production Countries:United Kingdom, United States of America,
Production Co.:United Artists Eon Productions
Genres:Adventure, Action, Thriller,
Casts:Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Chaim Topol, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Julian Glover, Cassandra Harris, Jill Bennett, Michael Gothard, John Wyman, Jack Hedley, Lois Maxwell, Desmond Llewelyn, Geoffrey Keen, Walter Gotell, James Villiers, John Moreno, Charles Dance, Paul Angelis, Toby Robins, Jack Klaff, Alkis Kritikos, Stag Theodore, Stefan Kalipha, Graham Crowden, Noel Johnson, William Hoyland, Paul Brooke, Fred Bryant, Robbin Young, Graham Hawkes, John Wells, Maureen Bennett, Andy Bradford, Jeremy Bulloch, Clive Curtis, Lalla Dean, Evelyn Drogue, Sheena Easton, Eva Rueber-Staier, Janet Brown,
Plot Keywords:london england, submarine, england, sea, assassin, mountain, undercover, olympic games, drug traffic, secret mission, secret intelligence service, kgb, coral reef, ski jump, parrot, cryptographic device, gang of smugglers, figure skating, motorcycle, monastery, british secret service, snow skiing,
Alternative Titles:
007: For Your Eyes Only
Ur dödlig synvinkel
Agente 007 - Solo per i tuoi occhi
James Bond 12: For Your Eyes Only
James Bond 12 - For Your Eyes Only
James Bond - For Your Eyes Only
James Bond 007 - 12 - For Your Eyes Only
James Bond 007 Rien que pour vos yeux
007 - Somente Para Seus Olhos
James Bond 12 - Rien que pour vos yeux
12 For Your Eyes Only
Bond 12
Только для твоих глаз
Sólo para sus ojos
1981 James Bond 007 Rien Que Pour Vos Yeux
007 12 - Somente Para Seus Olhos
Τζέιμς Μποντ, Πράκτωρ 007: Για τα Μάτια Σου Μόνο
Джеймс Бонд. Агент 007: Тільки для ваших очей
Джеймс Бонд: Тільки для ваших очей
007: Solo para tus ojos
Erittäin salainen
Джеймс Бонд 12: Только для твоих глаз
Kun for dine øyne
12 Jen pro tvé oči